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Lachin ♦ Oubré & Associates has a long-standing relationship with many of our clients. Here are some of the compliments that the firm has received from these clients.

"Once again, I want to thank you for all that you have done to help Nunez Community College recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I am truly appreciative of your professional manner in dealing with our seven architectural and design projects during the restoring and rebuilding of the campus. Along with your architectural skills, your project management abilities have expedited the process of rebuilding and restoring Nunez."

"As I mentioned way back in 2004, when the Physical Activity Center (PAC) became a reality, the insight into your design work was remarkable. You made that building not only an athletic facility, but also a multipurpose building which could house a number of activities and programs at the College. Unfortunately, we only had a year to enjoy it before Hurricane Katrina hit, but we certainly put the building to good use in that short amount of time."

"Even more commendable was the way that you were able to get back to the College and respond to our needs following the destruction from Hurricane Katrina. Your quick design and architectural skills helped to rebuild the Arts, Sciences, and Technology (AST) Building even better than it was before the storm. Moreover, your ability to design and get it out for bids without unnecessary delay to the contractors was key to our being able to reopen the College as a first class facility for our students and faculty."

"In addition, while you were helping to restore the AST, you were designing the first floor of Building D, as well as the PAC Building, which was literally inundated with over seven feet of water. This building is now being utilized for our Process Technology Program, which is vitally important in workforce development efforts in the community, and helps our students and graduates find highly paid jobs."

"Finally, I appreciate your patience and keen insight in restoring Buildings A and B, as we try to work with FEMA, GOHSEP, State Facility Planning, and our local government agencies. I look forward to seeing all of your designs come to fruition soon so that Nunez Community College may continue to serve our students and the surrounding areas."

"As I mentioned to you the other day, I am truly grateful for all of your efforts on behalf of the College to get the campus back to its pre-Katrina status. Your knowledge and skills in architecture and project management, and your understanding of the process and procedures that must be undertaken with the construction of state-owned property have all been invaluable in moving our progress forward. Again, many thanks for all that you have done for Nunez Community College."

Thomas R. Warner, Ed.D
Nunez Community College

"Over the past five plus years I have had the pleasure of working with representatives of Lachin Oubre and Associates on several projects. Both projects were healthcare related, being school based health centers."

"While the projects were similar in function, they were very different in scope and approach. In both situations, Lachin Oubre provided excellent support and design services."

"Our opinion is that Lachin Oubre, through its two principals, Michael Lachin and Peter Fortier, were exceptional professionals and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the requirements needed for our building plans. They also proved very easy to work with and not only understood our needs but provided valuable suggestions to improve our plans."

"Based upon their performance, it is very easy for me to highly recommend Lachin Oubre and Associates. Please feel free to contact me if you should need any further information."

Cameron B. Barr
Executive Vice President
Methodist Health System Foundation, Inc.

"Upon completion of the TGIFriday's restaurant in Covington, Louisiana, we would like to reiterate our appreciation of your exemplary professional performance on this project, particularly through its construction phase."

"Given the project schedule, which necessitated accurate and expeditious handling of technical data, the need to coordinate in a timely fashion numerous trades, as well as the fair resolution of potential pitfalls during the course of the placement of the work, we commend you and your office for your expert guidance as Project Architect."

"Please feel free to use our company and me as a reference and confirmation of the highest quality professional services available through LDL/Lachin & Associates, APC."

Donald Melancon
Cor-Mel Northpark, LLC

"The VA Medical Center would like to acknowledge the outstanding work Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. has performed over the past five years."

"In 1998, Oubré Associates Architects, Inc., under the direction of Mr. Peter Fortier, was selected to design the Patient Business Offices at the VA Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. With little to no government experience, Oubré Architects designed a $550,000.00 renovation - which had less than 1% in change orders and was completed ahead of schedule."

"Since then Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. has performed architectural services on four additional projects - 4E Prosthetics, SICU - sixth floor, MICU-CCU and PTSD. Mr. Fortier has served as chief architect for each of these projects. Collectively, these projects have totaled over 10 million dollars - saving the government thousands."

"His performance has been superior. He has been very capable in meeting our needs as he has worked with 8(A), hub-zone, small and large contractors. His ability to work with a large array of contractors has made Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. a favorite choice selection. Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. and Mr. Peter Fortier come highly recommended for your consideration as an Architect - without reservation."

Shrylin Lewis
Contracting Officer
Department of Veterans Affairs

"Lafon Nursing Facility of the Holy Family has been doing business with the Lachin family since the early seventies. After the elder Mr. John Lachin retired, because we were always so pleased with our experience with him, we felt we wanted to continue our relationship with his son, Michael."

"Mr. Michael Lachin has advised the Sisters of the Holy Family for thirteen years or more and has always shown exemplary knowledge and skill in his field. His quiet manner has always been polite and gentlemanly in dealing with the Sisters, and his designs were outstanding. If any changes were suggested, he gladly worked with us until we were all comfortable with the outcome."

"I gladly recommend Mr. Michael Lachin as a person in whom the Sisters have great confidence."

Sr. Augustine McDaniel
Lafon Nursing Facility of the Holy Family

"I have known Mr. James Oubré for 28 years. During this time he and his firm have served in an architectural capacity through three major programs of our church. We built an Educational building for approximately $200,000, a Sanctuary for over a million dollars, and Mr. Oubré served as architect for us on each of these programs. He performed a superior job on our behalf. He was very capable in meeting our needs as he worked with the varied contractors involved. I recommend Mr. Oubré for your consideration as an architect without reservation."

Dr. Hiram Campbell
Pastor: Calvary Baptist Church

"We both wish to express our sincere appreciation for your excellent efforts in guiding The Plaza and Springdale Mall renovations toward a successful conclusion. We understand the extent of your efforts and feel that you deserve some vacation time. CIGNA will fly you and a guest to St. Petersburg, Florida for 3 nights at the Don CeSar Resort (which CIGNA owns). We'll pick up the tab for airfare, hotel accommodations, meals and rental car. Just let us know when you would like to go and we'll arrange your stay at the Don."

"Mike, thanks again for all your good work."

Mark R. Harrison, Asset Manager
Patrick H. Thompson, Asset Manager

"On behalf of the Louisiana Associated General Contractors, Inc. - New Orleans District Membership, please allow me to express our appreciation and thanks for your informative address on Tuesday, March 29th."

"I can assure you that your remarks were favorably received by our membership."

"Hopefully, AGC members will play part in the delivery of these needed projects."

"Again, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your presentation last Tuesday."

Tommy Couvillion
Field Representative
Louisiana Associated General Contractors, Inc.

"I have worked with Mike Lachin on numerous projects for which he was the Project Architect, representing the architectural firm which we had employed. Mike handled projects for us, ranging from multi-million dollar shopping centers to individual tenant spaces; and in all cases, his work was of the highest caliber. I have found Mike to be very thorough and congenial. I would highly recommend him for any architectural position for which he may apply."

"If I can be of any further service as a professional reference, you may feel free to call upon me."

James M. Davis
Senior Vice President - Construction
Sizeler Real Estate Company, Inc.

"As Commanding Officer of the Southern Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, it is my pleasure to recognize your exemplary performance under subject contract and award you this Certificate of Appreciation."

"Your contract to provide the plans and specifications to convert approximately 30,000 SF of warehouse space into administrative and medical examining offices with access roads and parking area, resulted in one of eight major construction contracts culminating in the dedication of the F. Edward Hebert Defense Complex on 3 July 1975."

"By comparison, the quality of design was unequaled by any of the other major projects. At the same time, AFEES construction costs were comparable on a cost per square foot basis. Of further merit, is the fact that change orders as a result of "changed conditions" were limited to three at a total cost of $3,500. By comparison with other similar projects at the Complex, this is exceptional and by far, the best record. This should not go unnoticed in view of the inherent multitude of "changed conditions' most always encountered with "rehab work". A review of remaining change orders will show that they resulted from changes in Government Furnished Contractor Installed (GFCI) Equipment or changes in user operational requirements."

"Your outstanding performance on this contract is greatly appreciated. The Navy looks forward to your continued interest in accomplishing A/E services for its projects."

E.L. Pickett
Captain, CEC, USN Commanding Officer
Department of the Navy, Southern Division

Oubré Associates Archtiects, Inc.

"Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. have provided professional services at Children's Hospital for over fifteen years. I have known Bob Campbell for over ten years and have worked with him on two major projects in the last five years. The longevity of this relationship speaks for itself considering all of the alternatives available in the market place."

"Bob Campbell and his firm bring with them significant professional talents that are augmented by a high degree of integrity and honesty. Their flexibility and creativity allow them to provide customer driven services with a custom fit. Furthermore, Bob Campbell's precise and effective project management ensures that all details are given the same high level of attention producing a superior final product."

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Oubré Associates Architects, Inc. Their dedication and loyalty to us as their clients coupled with their wide array of skills has ensured the attainment of our goals."

Cindy Nuesslein
Assistant Administrator
Children's Hospital

"The architectural firm of James P. Oubré and Associates has done very satisfactory work for Woodland Presbyterian on all building projects in which they have been involved as our architect. They have been selected on three different occasions by Woodland Presbyterian."

"The first time was in 1984 to develop plans, secure a reputable general contractor, and to oversee construction of our new Sanctuary. This project had a final cost in excess of $700,000.00. The second time we used their services was to build an additional parking lot adjacent to the Christian Learning and Activities Center."

"Currently, they have drawn the plans, after having done several consultations with both the congregation and the Property Committee, for the new Christian Learning and Activities Center and once the bid for construction is awarded they will oversee this project also."

"I am confident from the experience we have had at Woodland Presbyterian Church that the firm of James P. Oubré and Associates is both a very competent and caring architectural firm. If you need further information please contact me through our church office, 504-394-7877."

James H. Moody, Jr.
Property Committee

"I am writing this letter to commend you on the fine job you did as the project architect for House of Blues."

"As you well know, this has been a most challenging and sometimes difficult project that has taxed all of our professional abilities. Consistently, you rose to whatever challenge was
placed before you in and accomplished whatever task needed,to be done. I fully realize that these demands, at times, created
havoc.with you. daily work schedules and other commitments. In
spite of this, you always displayed a calm and professional
demeanor that had a tendency to cool out a sometimes overheated

"Good luck in your new endeavor. I congratulate your new firm on
their good fortune."

Gary S. Peters
Senior Contract Manager
C T Management, Inc.